Property Tax

If you don’t save, you don’t pay!

How It Works


Sign up before the May 15th deadline and we will timely file your protest.


We analyze your case and gather facts to prepare the evidence that best justifies a reduction.


We will attend your hearings and aggressively negotiate for the greatest reduction possible.


You can save time and money by choosing Lone Star Property Tax, with the assurance of a highly experienced team of consultants working on your case, who are equally vested in your taxable savings!

Business Personal Property

This includes, but is not limited to, equipment, machinery, vehicles, inventory, and furniture. For BPP accounts, we will file your rendition, protest and attend your hearing when scheduled.


Commercial properties are not limited by any exemptions; therefore, it is crucial as an owner that you protest every year to keep the value in line.

Benefits Of Working With Us

Potential Tax Savings for You

Our main goal is to ensure your property is not being overassessed or unfairly assessed by the district and you are not overpaying on property taxes. Therefore, we make it a practice to protest every value, every year. We have found this to be the best way to obtain and maintain the lowest values year after year.

Your Peace of Mind

Our customer care, responsiveness and accessibility are key factors why many of our clients refer us to new clients. In the case that a tax saving is not obtainable, you can have the peace of mind knowing that your property is being fairly assessed and second that the representation we provided cost you nothing.

Saves You Time

You can represent yourself at your protest hearing; however, by having us represent you, you save hours of your day sitting in crowded lobbies waiting to be heard. Our licensed agents utilize a streamlined, highly integrated system to make the process as convenient for our clients as possible.


Choosing Lone Star Property Tax gives you the advantage of having two former appraisal district employees represent you with a combined experience of handling over 11,000 hearings. Our training and experience ensures we utilize the most favorable set of comparable properties which allows us to present a detailed, yet concise report that the district understands and appreciates.